Why Isn't Success More Predictable?

Some people who want our help can just pick up a new lifestyle change and run with it. And others stall, get frustrated, and stop showing up. Why? Are some people fundamentally harder to help than others?

Connect the dots between science and practice. Get a handle on the evidence behind the forces of Motivation, Willpower, and Habit Formation without reading a mountain of research studies.

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New Research Summaries and 100+ Practical Tips

In The Motivator, we talk about the newest, most important research about why people try to change and why it’s so easy to mess up. These research summaries have more of the evidence meat and less of the jargon gristle.

You also get over 100 evidence-based, practical tips. Assimilate what scientists know about motivation. Apply it to real people.

Anyone who helps, coaches, or guides people will benefit from understanding why people do what they do.

The Motivator Is Perfect for:

  • Health and Fitness Coaches
  • Personal Trainers
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Patient Advocates
  • Social Workers
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • UX Designers

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What’s in Issue 01

  • A 2500+ word article about the best book on motivation science you haven't read (yet).
  • Reviews of 3 newer studies, 2 with exclusive notes,from the study authors available only in The Motivator.
  • A review of a timeless classic study about motivation.
  • 100+ evidence-based tips for supporting autonomy.
  • An article about how help anyone take the next step towards habit-based learning.