Are your clients struggling to change their lifestyle outside of your time with them?

Learn how to keep them on track with motivation science and the Habitry Method of habit formation. Habitry Professionals is motivational skills practice, video education, program design, and ongoing support delivered daily on the web.

You know what your clients should do — and they probably know, too. Getting them to do it and stick to it is where the real work comes in.

If you want better results for every single client, join us. If you want people to rave to their friends about how you’ve helped them become their best selves, join us. Habitry Professionals is a community of Motivators as passionate about coaching as you are.

Learn what works and why

You've seen breakthroughs with clients, but it wasn't always clear why they happened and how to repeat them. Now understand the strengths of your coaching and how you can use the latest in Motivation Science to get your clients more of the results they deserve. Included in your membership is the largest library of motivation science articles, videos, webinars, and interviews ever collected for coaches who want to help their clients stay on track.

Grasp the latest scientific research

You already stay up to date on the latest health news. Now sharpen your thinking with cutting-edge psychology insights into Motivation, Willpower, and Habit Formation without reading a mountain of research studies. Read expert summaries of new research, binge watch the video library, or simply listen to our members-only weekly Motivation Science podcast.

Add the Habitry Method to your toolkit

Want to get ahead by learning a simple method for behavior change that has helped thousands of people? Just tell us how deep you want to go. The Habitry Method is a philosophy of behavior change you can apply to your warmup chit-chat or your entire program. Personalize it for your clients with tips and tricks, email templates, program design FAQs, marketing advice, and even a library of pre-written habits to choose from to get your clients started.

What's included in your Habitry Professionals membership

Momentum building exercises

Start learning within minutes of signing up and never look back. Need info to come to you? A month's worth of one-minute emails will teach you new tricks. Ready to practice? Dig into something new anytime, even at 2 am on a Friday. Launching a program of your own? Get cracking with step-by-step guides and templates.

Video Library

Learn how habits work and how to cultivate a Hot Tub of Motivation. World respected expert in behavior change and Habitry CEO Steven Ledbetter explains why fostering the basic psychological needs of your clients makes them perform better and live happier (and tell everyone about who helped them do it).

Weekly Motivation Science Podcasts

Hosts Steven Ledbetter and Omar Ganai tackle a new case study of motivation and coaching every Monday in the Weekly Restart podcast. Because everyone needs fresh momentum.


Coaches need motivation, too. Get support at your pace. Daily discussions, weekly check-ins, on-demand problem-solving, and our world famous coaching skills program, Essentials of Habit Coaching, are all included in the low monthly price.

You know what they need to do.

Now it's time to become the Motivator that helps them actually do it.